Monday, February 15, 2010

Oh our poor blog! I am shocked and appalled that we have left The Naked Run languishing since August last year. It's not like we haven't had any adventure in our lives. The cold hard truth is that we have just been very lazy. This dire situation is about to change though -The Naked Run is going to get a jolly good blogging.

In December 26 my Dad (Alan) and I departed New Zealand, bound for Thailand. This trip was significant for several reasons, mostly because it was Dad’s first real adventure outside of New Zealand. He’d been to Rarotonga once, and Australia once - neither of these really provided much of a culture shock. Of course the fact that father and daughter were joining forces for a trip was also pretty significant, it was a once in a lifetime sort of thing for us.

I’ve been back in NZ for seven days now and have buried myself in photo editing. Over the next wee while I’ll upload photos and stories from our trip... enjoy.

Introducing my Dad, Alan.


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