Portugal - Part 1

Friday, June 12, 2009

After 7 days in El Chorro, we decided it was worth ticking another country off our list, so we departed for the sunny southern coast of Portugal's Algarve.

Portugal - Algarve
Colder than it looks! Dani mustering the courage for the fridgid waters of the Algarves southern beaches.

The Algarve has a reputation for tourist driven towns, nice beaches and lots of naked extroverts. We weren't disappointed. Despite being early in the season, we still managed to spend a decent amount of time simply sitting on a pretty beach, reading books, and getting tanned (or trying at least). Shameless Europeans have little trouble stripping off in public places like crowded beaches, which made for often horrific people watching. Some people should never be seen naked.

After two days we had traversed the southern coast and we stopped in Sagres for a night. Around Sagres, there are big seacliffs, which reminded me a little of the landscape around the Great Ocean Road and the 12 Apostles in Victoria, Australia. From there we began heading north along the west coast towards Lisbon. While the Southern beaches are touristy, calm and pleasant, the West Coast is rugged, wild and exposed. Here, we settled into our element of taking walks, photos and free camping in amazing places.

Portugal - West Coast
A stretch of dramatic coastline on the west coast, just before sunset. We camped in our car only meters from where this photo was taken.

Algarve, Portugal

Portugal - West Coast
Another stunning west coast beach at sunset.

A mug of Baileys and milk at sunset seemed an appropriate way to end the day.

Portugal - West Coast

Check back soon for the next post, which covers the rest of our time in Portugal.


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