The End is Nigh

Friday, June 26, 2009

- We've covered over 60,000 kilometers - 15,000 of which by car, 9 flights and a few highspeed trains.
- been as far from Christchurch as it is possible to get (without getting seriously wet)
- visited 10 or 11 countries
- ran naked in the desert of Australia
- skied countless powder days in the French Alps
- drank great beer in Belgium
- got defrauded in Andorra
- climbed hundreds of incredible routes in Spain and France - an estimated 5000m of ascents!
- experienced the roller-coaster that is Morocco - death-taxi's and stomach infections.
- photographed beautiful beaches in Portugal
- got sprayed by a robotic toilet in Korea
- and evaporated many-many thousands of dollars.

We arrive back in Christchurch late on the 1st of July, flat-broke, completing the round trip in 10months and 15days. Looking back, there are hundreds of hidden memories that can be retrieved by a photo or video or a blog post. There are hundreds more that we never recorded. We left Europe on a good note - not ready to leave - which we both agreed was better than getting to the end of our trip wanting to leave. So while there is unfinished business, we're still excited about returning home.

We've got a big backlog of photos and stories to post to the blog, so keep checking back in the coming days for updates.


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