Festering in Fes

Monday, May 11, 2009

I guess we'd only been in Fes for an afternoon and a morning before things started going pear shaped. My bowels had been a bit funky for most of the trip, but this was starting to become a problem.

During the day I progressively declined, by the evening I had terrible stomach cramps, chronic diarrhea and a solid fever. By the next morning I had not felt that terrible since I had been for many years.

We considered our options, pharmacy, hospital, or doctor. The pharmacy was useless, but we managed to find an English speaking (in a way) doctor just around the corner. He felt it necessary to use all his fancy (1940's era) machinery including some kind of instant projection xray and an ultrasound. Why he did so, I think, had less to do with needing to, and more to do with charging us for the use of the machines. Needless to say, we felt reassured that he knew what he was doing.

Doctor Bennis Mohamed proceeded with the examination by barking orders in poor English. "Respire!" or "Closer!" and "Sit down!"

Result: nasty gastro-intestinal infection and a bucket load of antibiotics. We ended up wholed up in our pension room in Fes for 5 nights, and barely saw any of Fes.

Dani emailed my prescription to her Doctor Unkle Mark, and he came back informing us that one of the drugs I had been prescribed, was actually blacklisted in most parts of the world due to causing acute liver problems!

As my apetite slowly returned, and we did find a great English cafe called Clock Cafe. It had been recommended in Lonely Planet as a great place to eat when you get sick of Moroccan food, as pretty much everyone generally does. It was a heaven for us to eat anything that hadn't been cooking in a Tajine pot, but it's a little sad that some of the best food we had in Morocco wasn't particularly moroccan.

There we also made use of the free wireless and asked our parents to call off the rescue mission!


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