Half-term Havoc

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Last saturday around one million Brits invaded France. Crying children littered the slopes and injured bodies were carted away in blood-wagons. You could be forgiven for thinking so, but there's no war here - just Mid-term holidays.

Its absolute chaos, which makes us glad we're at one of the quieter resorts. Some of the fashion atrocities provide endless entertainment. They vary from the euro-modern-shiny-and-tight, to retina-hurting-one-peice's. Meanwhile ESF instructors efficiently organise their children into giant piste-destroying-snakes.

Unfortunately France has fairly relaxed laws about selling fireworks, so walking home from work usually involves some little bugger throwing a lit firecracker at you.

The huge influx of holiday-makers into the resort, resulted in every chalet booked, and my role changing yet again. This week been, I officially became Dani's kitchen slave (The title is actually Chalet Host). Dani was again cheffing, and we were looking after a group of 7 who were staying in Chalet Les Aunes. We were lucky that our guests were lovely people and easy to look after. Dani produced some incredible looking food. Every night I was amazed by the food that she put together.

Here are some photos of the Chalet we were working in. Things are quietening down again, so I think we're back into normal roles again. We're working on some video to put on the blog, and we must apologise to the lack of updates! We'll make a bigger effort.

Chalet Les Aunes

Chalet Les Aunes


Blogger Neil said...

Thanks for the update. It might not seem like it but heaps of people read your blog who don't leave comments. (I am one of them.)

Great Best-Job-In-The-Wold vid as well, hehe. I thought you already had the best job in the world!

10:36 AM, February 24, 2009  

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