The fruit of our labour

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

If you didn't read the post about the credit crunch, Dani and I are now full time photographers. We're starting to collect quite a reasonable amount of imagery from around the chalets. Heres a few snippits to show that we are actually working, and not just skiing all day.

Les Sapin Spa
This is the pool room underneath Chalet Les Sapin. It contains this pool, a hot tub, sauna and massage treatment room, not to mention stunning views down the valley.

It pool room also contains this stunning model.

Massage Treatment Room
Fellow housemate Jen put her neck on the line to model for the treatment room.

Chalet Elwood
This is the living room of the Elwood Apartment.

Chalet Elwood
And this is the view from the Elwood Apartment.

And a detail shot of the faucet in the Elwood Apartment.


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