The Naked Run?

Friday, August 29, 2008

It was more of a naked skip than a run really (see the video for further explanation)... but we felt it necessary to upgrade the 'skip' to a run, as it is something of a metaphor for our trip thus far. We skipped across the ditch to see Simon's folks in Adelaide, and now we're preparing to make a mad run for France!

We arrived in Adelaide on the 16th of August. After a few days of staying with the Waterhouse clan, we headed up North to the Flinders Ranges. We stayed at Wilpena Pound for a few days - did a few walks, took some interesting photos, then got bored... We decided to head even further North to Lake Eyre; one of the largest salt pans in the world. It took us 7 hours of driving on dirt roads to get there, but we were rewarded with the most dramatic, empty, desolate outback landscape you can imagine. We felt very insignificant as we pitched our little tent in the middle of nowhere.

Simon and I managed to catch up with some of Simon's Cousins over dinner this week. We popped into a bottle shop to grab a bottle of wine on the way. The helpful shop attendant asked if we wanted a spectacular $20 shiraz, to which we said yes! He presented a wine called "Naked Run". The label featured the silhouette of a naked woman running into the distance. We laughed and without explaining, bought the bottle and thoroughly enjoyed it that evening.

We depart for Paris on Tuesday, so the next entry shall be slightly more exotic. In the mean time, check out the short movie we've made of our Australian adventure.