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Monday, December 8, 2008

Not too different to the view from our Chalet. This is looking South West across the valley.

The sun shone for the first time since the storm that dumped nearly a metre at the resort. This is just behind the guest chalets. A couple of the others whipped out a toboggan this afternoon for a run in the deep.

Le Sapin Chalet
This is Le Sapin, the largest of the guest chalets. Apparently it costs nearly 20,000 pounds a week to hire every room.

We've now been in Sainte Foy for three days, and its been non-stop snow, work and entertainment. We've integrated into the existing crew very well, and everyone is very friendly and fun to hang around with. On wednesday most of the remaining crew will be arriving, bringing the total work party to 25 members.

The night we arrived it started snowing, and didn't stop for three days. For a while it was looking near impossible to return our car to Lyon on the 5th. I borrowed some chains and crawled down the road from Sainte Foy to Bourg St-Maurice where the road improved. Nearly a metre has fallen, transforming the village into an all white skiable paradise. Mounds of untracked powder are making me anxious for my ski gear!

We ran into some other folk in the village who are working for other chalet company's. They'd just been hiking up the mountain and had fresh tracks all day. They then added salt to the wound by showing me photos of their tracks... grrr.

Work has been quite variable. I've spent most mornings shovelling snow from steps, and using the 'snow blower' - a machine the size of a ride on lawnmover, which sprays snow everywhere. Dani's been sorting threw massive piles of linen and towels for the company's housekeeping supplies. I've also been helping fit out a new area downstairs.

Next time we get a chance to breathe, we'll upload some video.


Blogger Ander said...

Remember me when you use the "snow blower"!! ;-)Nice to hear from you... Enjoy your new equipment!!

Ander & Olaia.

9:34 AM, December 09, 2008  

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