Thursday, December 18, 2008

Continuing on from our adventures in Spain...

With the remaining time with our car running out, we hatched a vague plan to belt north through western Spain. So from El Chorro we headed to Cordoba (still in Andalucia), supposedly a great town with a fantastic culture and history.

What is truely amazing, is that any tourist can find anything they wanted to see in Cordoba. We drove, got lost, drove some more, couldn't find anything... eventually we parked and found an internet cafe, but all we managed to find, was a parking ticket on the car when we returned.

A little dissapointed we continued north. On the map, near a lake, we picked the township of Alange, in the Extremadura. The Extremadura is a land of open spaces and big skys.

In the evening, we did a short walk to a site of some ruins on a hill that offer spectacular panoramas of the landscape. (See photos below).

The next day we made our way north again, stopping along the way in a town called Trujillo. Trujillo is famous for its perfectly preserved old town. We spent a couple of hours exploring the cobbled streets, observing the locals and the architecture, both ancient!

Heading north again, we drove through the Monfrague Parque Natural, where we unexpectedly found the most amazing sight - Near on 100 massive Vultures nesting and circling a large outcrop on the shore of a lake. For over 30minutes, we were treated to an incredible display of the massive raptors soaring.

A little further up the road, we discovered a camp ground that was actually open. Late in the afternoon, with many miles under the tires, we decided to call it a day.

Dani suffering the wind in Alange.

Alange, Spain
The ruins at Alange. Spectacular panoramas in every direction.
Alange, Spain
The village of Alange.

Trujillo, Spain
Old men strolling and talking in Trujillo. A common sight.

Alley Cats
Alley cats getting anxious about a dog in Trujillo.

Trujillo, Spain
The well preserved castle in Trujillo.


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