Calpe to Costa de Almeria

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

When we left Siurana two weeks ago, we headed South to see some of Spain's Mediterranean Coastline. On the first night we just picked a place on the map (Calpe) and decided to go there. Calpe's most notable feature is the Penon de Ifach; a 300 metre limestone "molar" which stick out of the coast. The area around Calpe is popular with climbers because of the large multipitch routes available.

Our first night on the road was also our first night of sleeping in the car. We found a quiet stretch of street which had numerous Camper Vans and parked up. The sleep wasn't particularly good, but it sure saved us some cash. The campgrounds wanted 25 euro a night!

The next day we continued down the coast and stopped at a town called San Jose, on the Costa de Almeria, in the Cabo de Gata Parque Natural. This region of Spain is known as being the "vegetable garden" of Europe, as plastic greenhouses stretch for miles. Its also one of the last places you can find stretches of undeveloped coast lines, and even the possibility of having a beach to yourself. We quickly found there was much to explore in the area and spent two nights here, again sleeping in the car near a beach south of San Jose. The landscape is barren-desert like, with many cactus and agarve plants. The adobe style housing was common - it was almost like you'd imagine Mexico to be.

On the morning after the second night, Dani woke up and noticed the Civil Guard talking to some people who had camped out in the same car-park. Evidentally, camping here was illegal. We were convinced they were going to finish ticketing them and immediately ticket us! We narrowly avoided any interaction with them by casually walking from the car out towards the beach, until they left.

Heres some photos from Calpe and Costa de Almeria, a beautiful region of Spain. Stories from El Chorro next post.

Calpe, and the Penon de Ifach. The town features many apartment buildings and retirees.

San Jose Panorama
Playa morron de los genoveses, near San Jose - Costa del Almeria, Spain. This is a stitch of three photos.

Playa morron de los genoveses
Playa morron de los genoveses, near San Jose - Costa del Almeria, Spain.

Playa de los Genoveses
One benefit of sleeping in the car at is that we rose when the sun did, Dani took this shot in the early morning light at Playa Monsul.

Taken somewhere along the coast of Cabo de Gata.

San Jose Houses
Adobe style housing in the town of San Jose.


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