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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Grumble grumble. Just saw Dani´s canapes and my stomach just about ate itself. I´ve had the same mystery pasta meal for two nights in a row. The closest supermarket is so crap and operates such weird hours, it's hard to keep my groceries stocked! All I've got left is a can of Ravioli.


On the plus side, it is sunny, and theres less English people here (woops!). I've been climbing with a bunch of hardouts - Robbie, who is regularly onsighting 7c (27) - Eric, who can´t climb harder than 7b+ (26) because his finger is buggered - and Kat and Rupert, the super-climbing super-parents, who some how manage to look after two kids and crank hard at the crag as well!

Yesterady I worked on a 7a (24) and tooks some great shots of these guys climbing. Unfortunatly Dani´s got the computer, so I can´t show you any just yet. Today I managed to send my hardest redpoint, at 6b+ (21/22), then followed that with my hardest onsight at 6c (22). I have a 7a (24) and a 7a+ (24/25) lined up for a redpoint later in the week.

Will try and find a way to get some photos online!

Translation for those non-climbers;
  1. Onsight - To complete a route clean, first go, without resting on the rope, with no prior information about the route, placing protection on lead.
  2. Flashed - To complete a route clean, first go, without resting on the rope, but with prior information, or seeing somone else complete the route.
  3. Redpoint - To complete a route clean, without resting on the rope, but having practised the route before.


Anonymous Matt said...

Thanks for terminology translation! Very useful.. and I'll let that comment about English people slide (surley you mean Ozzys anyway??)

Very jealous of all your adventures. Dani's course sounds cool. Where in England is she based? If in London.. we should get her over to ours for dinner (and test out her canape skills!) Congrats on the job.. if you dont make it over to Uk, Bi and I will def come see you in the Alps before April. Had dinner with Jeff last night and he says hi.

Chat soon

6:46 AM, November 11, 2008  

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