Seoul - Massive

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Stage two of three days transit has seen us arrive in Korea. Part of the ticket included an overnight stay in downtown Seoul. We were stoked to find the hotel was in fact rather plush, included dinner and breakfast, and was right in the heart of the city's night-markets.

I had no idea, but Seoul is massive. At over 10 million people its one of the largest cities on earth. It took just over an hour to drive from Incheon Airport into Seoul, driving through vast expanses of high-density housing.

The markets were entertaining, but we definitely felt like foreigners! Western tourists must be fairly rare as we attracted quite a few looks. The stalls varied from hi-quality footwear to deep-fried tentacles. One stall appeared to have deep-fried erogenous zones from most of the species in the Eastern Seas.

We're back in Incheon International airport - a massive creation that resembles a space ship. Next post shall be coming from France, hopefully with some video and photos too.


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