Saturday, September 27, 2008

We've had a great 9 nights here in the magnificent town of Chamonix. It's a crazy little resort, full of mountain-loving freaks, no town quite compares to it. In our campsite there's a big communal table where all the people staying cook, and hang around at night. Conversation with your average Joe climber will go something like this:

Dani - "So what'd you get up to today"
Joe - "Not much eh, just got up at 2am and climbed for 10 hours to the summit of Mt Blanc, then walked for 13 hours back down into Chamonix. You?"
Dani - "Oh,, I did a nice climb at the beginners crag."

Yes. Everyone here is MAD! It's nice to be around though. It encourages us to aspire to more adventurous things. We've managed to hike and/or climb every single day, bar one when the rain kept us down. On that day we drove to Switzerland, marvelled at the outrageous price of their chocolate and came back to France.

One of our best missions yet was a hike up to an area called 'Lac Cheryses'. It took us 3 hours and some rather sore bum muscles to cover the 1000m altitude gain, but the view was well worth it. Check out the video Simon put together at the end of this post.

Climbing wise... we've found a crag at a little village called Servoz that really appeals to our style of climbing. It's steep with big holds, and has a feeling of exposure at the top that makes the bowels wriggle in funny ways.

All in all, we love Chamonix. On Friday we're heading to Saint Foye to meet our prospective employers, so (fingers-crossed) we will have jobs next time we post a blog entry! Of course we'll have jobs, we're charming, who wouldn't want us...


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