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Monday, September 8, 2008

After three nights in Paris, we headed to Belgium to catch up with a friend of mine, Eric, in Antwerp. (Antwerp in English, Antwerpen in Flemmish, Anvers in French)

The culture of Antwerp is great...public squares surrounded by laid-back bars, cobbled streets, beautiful historical homes, and the most incredible selection of beer you could ever wish for.

When we arrived yesterday Eric showed us around town, and we went out to a local bar on Saturday night with Eric, Steven, Glenn, Matthias, Laetitia and Sarah. While they filled Simon with beer, we learned a few quintessential Belgian phrases, including: "a package from my heart" meaning "that's a relief"; and "going off like a watering can" meaning "that's a terrible performance". Everyone here seems to speak at least three languages, so we've been able to communicate more easily than in France. Reading things is another story though, everything is written in Flemish!

Today we visited the Photography Museum, and then went back into town to take some photos of our own.

We'll put some photos from Antwerp up soon, in the meantime here's a video of the Catacombs in Paris. The Catacombs are full of the bones of millions of Parisians whose graves were exhumed due to spread of disease. A rather eerie experience...


Blogger Joanna said...

Wow - pretty thought provoking place. Makes every day seem like a good one! Great vid and keep them coming so we can all travel with you!
Think you should charge!

5:54 PM, September 08, 2008  

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